Inspired by the Heydey of Cinema and Jazz, With Modern Care and Craft


Argyle Tiger

Herbaceous, complex & welcoming gin concoction

$11 Beefeater --or-- Ransom Dry $14


Copper Hour

Our light and sippable highball featuring Meletti Amaro and your choice of rye

$11 George Dickel --or-- Sazerac $14

 Chance of Showers

An oasis in the shade. Desert cactus spirit, lemon & honey showcase earthy components of the key players.

$11 Pueblo Viejo Tequila —or—   Por Siempre Sotol $14

Summers Ago

A refreshing combination of regionally indigenous marionberries and freshly squeezed lemon

$11 Gordon’s Vodka —or— Tito's Vodka $14 

Down in Flames

Artichoke amaro is the star of this darkly nuanced tipple. (developed by Allyson Salud)

$11 Cynar (low proof) —or— Cynar (high proof) $14

Southern Pal

Minerality is the key player here, allowing your choice of Mexican flavor to lead the way on this spirit forward voyage.

$11 Pueblo Viejo Tequila —or— Bahnez Mezcal $14


Connery as ‘Bond’

Approachable, smooth and deceptively strong Scotch cocktail (developed by Josiah Francis)

$11 Bank Note —or— Ardbeg $14


Permanent Vacation

A coconut and pineapple tropical exploration employing some of our favorite digestives.

$11 Fernet Jelinek —or— Fernet Branca $14

Barlow Lab

Previews of What Our Bartenders are Working On

Liquid Luck


Our Take on an amaretto sour

Along with a 12 sided die to determine your fate

Developed by: Gabe Parker



A tropical combination of Brazilian passionfruit, cachaça, génépy and citrus

Developed by: Kristina Chapman


Our Treat of Venerable Favorites, For Your Enjoyment


The (Perfect) Martini

Classically made, with quality vermouth and a slight twist. Coldest in town.

$11 Beefeater --or-- Plymouth $14


OId Fashioned

We prefer bourbon and a really big cube.

$11 Bonded Evan Williams --or-- Eagle Rare $14



A sure bet that combines bourbon, spiced orange and lime.

$11 Bonded Evan Williams --or-- Larceny Wheated Bourbon $14



Cheeky Blush

A blend of blood orange, lime and demererra.

$5 Non Alcoholic --or-- Rhum Agricole $10


Sub Strawberry Equation

Strawberry shrub ~drinking vinegar~, and fresh lemon juice served with bubbles

$5 Non Alcoholic --or-- Sparkling $10





Maryhill Red Blend 8

Cor Cellars Columbia Valley Bordeaux Blend 11

Coopers Hall Pinot Noir 12

Clifford Bay Sauvignon Blanc 8

Proletariat Chardonnay 10

Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Gris 12


NV Piper-Heidsieck, Brut Curvée 1785, Champagne, Fr 38/70

NV Roederer, Brut Reserve, Napa, Ca. 54

NV Loredan Gasparini, Prosecco DOCG Asolo, lt 10/36

NV Bereche, Brut Reserve, Champagne, Fr 79

Moncontour Sparkling Cremant De Loire, Brut Rosé, Fr. 11/42